How To Write A Poem

In 45 seconds learn everything you need to start writing poems, well except for bubbles, you’ll need to get some bubbles.

Gideon won’t escape

I try to get Gideon, our guinea pig, to escape. He doesn’t escape.

Tiny ways

The only person I don’t care if she hears me sing is my daughter.


Every time I type in his name the app crashes, no matter what app, online or off, someone else’s computer or mine.

Locked doors without handles

In a dream I wrote a letter to my waking self, in real life that letter was delivered.

Moth trapped in a box

Just because I met a ghost doesn’t mean I believe in ghosts.

California (better off with the smog)

It was the best thing I could get my hands on, like in New Orleans after the Civil War, all the brass and blast instruments for troops talking movement became available to a mixed class of discovery, old music was put through new valves…creating a new value system that got named jazz.

Everything is oceans (particle is wave)

Particles are like waves the way each day is like a life.

Our wedding bands can be bought again

"Why not get new rings?" she pierce eyed me. I don’t blink, smiling like I can’t think.

A loaded gun

His whole adult life he kept a loaded gun within range.